AROC’s Purpose

14088464_599200753593472_2869577036334556845_nOur purpose is to provide a joint analysis with organizers of color in the Justice Institute and our Accountability Team which can result in a set of shared beliefs in guiding our anti-racist organizing work.

We are white anti-racist activists who come together to further anti-racist organizing among progressive white activists in the St. Louis area.

We are a project of the Justice Institute and develop ongoing accountability to progressive people of color through an Accountability Team also affiliated with the Justice Institute.

We do not want people of color to do our work for us, nor do we want to be a vehicle for consolidating white power.

We hope to become a force for mutual work among whites doing anti-racist organizing in our ongoing, progressive, multiracial, multinational movement-building.

ARC does not have any paid organizers. We are all volunteers with full-time responsibilities outside of organizing.

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